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4:30 pm

The Flavor of Wisconsin:

The State's Culinary Culture, Past and Present

To understand the history of a region, you've got to follow the food. That’s particularly true in Wisconsin, whose culinary traditions reflect the richness of an ethnically and agriculturally diverse region. In this talk regional food expert Terese Allen shares the stories behind such varied foodways as cream puffs, Hmong egg rolls and the Friday night fish fry. From Ojibwe wild rice to arugula pesto pasta, she tracks the amazing cornucopia of what Wisconsinites have gathered, grown, produced, cooked, and eaten.


10:00 am

Fish Fries and Rib-Eyes and Highballs, Oh My!

The History and Lore of Supper Clubs in Wisconsin

What makes a supper club authentic? Why do we drink Brandy Old-Fashioneds? How did the Friday night fish fry originate?  And what’s with the funny name, “supper club,” anyway? Cookbook author and Wisconsin-ophile Terese Allen explores and celebrates the evolving story and multi-layered meanings of this idiosyncratic and much-beloved Dairyland tradition.


11:30 am

Have Tastebuds, Will Travel:

Discovering the World Through the Medium of Food

Most travelers visit museums and monuments to learn about a region, but one of the best ways to discover a country’s history and culture is through its cuisine. Join author Terese Allen to learn how humanity and universal meaning are revealed at such places as a tapas bar in Andalusia, a cheese shop on the Isle of Skye, and a family picnic in Lima, Peru. She'll explore how restaurants, open-air markets, street stands, specialty shops, and festivals reflect regional tradition and personality and how food can transport you to the core of a destination.


11:30 am

Wisconsin Church Suppers and Small Town Cafes:

Folklore, Fellowship and Local Flavor

For a feast of homemade ethnic specialties--plus large helpings of camaradie and local history--there's nothing like downtown cafes and annual church dinners. If you think of Wisconsin as just a "meat and potatoes" state, think again: the state's ethnic and agricultural diversity is revealed in such events as the St. James Pork Hocks and Sauerkraut Feed and St. Hagop's Armenian Madagh, and in such diner dishes as beer cheese soup, chicken mole enchiladas and cream pies. Regional food journalist Terese Allen shares stories from church suppers and diners, and describes the meals and meaning behind these beloved repositories of Dairyland culture.


11:30 am

Foraged, Fished & Hunted:

Foodways from Wisconsin’s Wild and Urban Landscapes

Morels and maple syrup. Juneberries and elderberries. Blue gills and venison. Wild rice and ramps. Wisconsin's wild foods are diverse, plentiful and oh, so delicious. Cookbook author and forager Terese Allen  delves into the culture, practice and significance of hunting and gathering around the state. With personal stories, foraging tips and culinary secrets, she explores and celebrates the pleasures and benefits of found foods.

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