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Washington Island is remote and quiet. What’s there to do? Only this, and more:


Wake up to sunrise on the big water.

Build a fire in the cabin or in the firepit.

Count the birds and waterfowl off Hog Island.


Bike. Golf. Fish. Swim. Kayak. Canoe. Hike. Snowshoe. Play tennis.

Enjoy a righteous farm-to-table meal at the Island Cafe.


Chop wood. Watch a storm. Write a poem or a song.

Ride the ferry to Rock Island and take the lighthouse tour.

Sleep in. Make some blueberry waffles.

Finish reading (or writing) a novel.

Climb the look-out tower. See the universe.

Go to the Albatross for a cheeseburger or splurge on dinner at the Washington Hotel.

Identify fossils on the rocky beach.

Drink a shot of bitters (!) and become a member of the Bitters Club at Nelsen Hall.

Play cards. Watch a movie. Do a crossword puzzle.

Learn how to weave or knit at Siever’s School of Fiber Arts.

Photograph a lighthouse, a lavender field, a sandhill crane.

Explore a Scandinavian stave church.

Gather wild apples. Go morel hunting. Pick some daisies.

Visit a museum (there’s three).

Fix a Manhattan. Put your feet up. Watch the waves crash. Star-gaze.

 …and yes, you can even go shopping:

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