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Washington Island is remote and quiet. What’s there to do? Only this, and more:


Wake up to sunrise on the big water.

Build a fire in the cabin or in one of the fire pits.

Count the birds and waterfowl off Hog Island.


Bike. Golf. Fish. Swim. Kayak. Canoe. Snowshoe. Play ping pong. Play pickle ball. Go take a hike.

Enjoy a righteous farm-to-table meal at the Washington Hotel.


Chop wood. Watch a storm. Write a poem or a song.

Ride the ferry to Rock Island and take the lighthouse tour.

Sleep in. Make some blueberry waffles. Visit the farmers' market.

Finish reading (or writing) a novel. Find a new one at Fair Isle Books.

Climb the look-out tower. See the universe.


Get some barbecue from Point Grille or splurge on dinner at Sailor's Pub.

Identify fossils on our rocky beach. Visit all the beaches.

Drink a shot of bitters (!) and become a member of the Bitters Club at Nelsen Hall.

Play cards. Watch a movie. Do a crossword puzzle. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

Learn how to weave or knit at Siever’s School of Fiber Arts.

Photograph a luna moth, a lavender field, a sandhill crane.

Explore a Scandinavian stave church.

Gather wild apples. Look for chanterelles. Pick some thimbleberries.

Visit a museum (there’s three).


Howl at the moon.

Fix a Manhattan. Put your feet up. Watch the waves crash. Star-gaze. Navel-gaze.

Order a glass of brut apple cider and a Cuban sandwich at Jackson Harbor Soup & Sandwich,

Take a yoga class. Harvest grapes. Attend a festival. Attend a concert.

 …and yes, you can even go shopping:

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