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Welcome to Life’s Door

...on Washington Island


Our shoreside cabin faces Lake Michigan on the east side of beautiful Washington Island off the tip of the Door County peninsula, Wisconsin. Life’s Door is a 19th-century two-story log cabin with a modern interior, large stone fireplace, two bathrooms, two bedrooms (1 king bed, 2 twins and a fold-out couch in the living room), hard-wood floors and open-air porches in front and back. The property lies along 300 feet of shoreline and is covered with mature maples and marshland.


Washington Island is 35 square miles of scenic rural and wooded roads, rock and sand beaches and dazzling lake views, but it is also a vibrant community that is home to several hundred islanders. The ferry to the island runs all year long, so visitors can enjoy its natural wonders during any season. On the island there’s also access to many contemporary pleasures, including restaurants, a well-stocked grocery store, a performing arts center, several museums and a public library.


Why do we call our getaway Life’s Door? It’s a play on words: To get to Washington Island you must pass through Death’s Door, the legendary navigational route between the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan that claimed many lives in centuries past. It’s a grim name for a stunning passageway, and whenever we cross it to get to our cabin, we feel very much the opposite of grim. We feel full of life. So that’s why we call the cabin Life’s Door.

This site is informational only. We do not rent the cabin publicly. If you have questions, email

Your hosts,

Terese, JB, Mark and Judy

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